Ayaka Ono and Akira Nakazawa


black and white portray of the duo

Ayaka Ono and Akira Nakazawa constitute the performing arts collective entitled "Ayaka Ono Akira Nakazawa Spacenotblank", formed in 2012. They seek to develop new protocols and mechanisms for performing arts, attempting to break away from preconceived ideas about the performing arts.

They actively collaborate with different artists for each work, with a creative process that pays special attention to communicating with their environment.

They won the Grand Prix at the Senegawa Theater competition in 2017, and second place for best director at the Toga Theater competition in 2019. They are the 2020 winners of the Rohm Theatre Kyoto and Kyoto Art Center U35 creative support program "KIPPU" and 2021 winners of the “&21” call for projects at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.

Photo : © Dan Åke Carlsson