Dominique Bagouet


Portrait of Dominique Bagouet

Born in Angoulême in 1951, Dominique Bagouet receives classical training before obtaining his first engagements with the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève, and then working with Maurice Béjart in Brussels. In 1974, he begins intensive training with Carolyn Carlson and Peter Goss, before leaving for the United States. He returns to France in 1976, devotes himself to choreography and founds his own company. 

In 1980, he is invited to create the Centre chorégraphique régional de Montpellier. After Une Danse blanche with Eliane, Grand corridor  discreetly lays the foundations for "Bagouetienne writing". In 1981, he becomes artistic director of the first Festival International Montpellier Danse. Dominique Bagouet is named Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres in 1988 and receives the Grand Prix National de la Danse in 1989. In December 1990, So schnell  premieres to mark the inauguration of the new Berlioz Opera at Montpellier's Corum. 

Dominique Bagouet passes away in
December 1992.

Text : © Les Carnets Bagouet

Photo: © Christian Ganet