Tânia Carvalho


a flash portrait of Tânia Carvalho

Tânia Carvalho was trained in various schools in Lisbon, both classical and contemporary. She is an actress as much as a dancer, and founder of the renowned collective, Bomba Suicida (1997-2014).  Tânia asserts herself as an artist whose will to express herself is not restricted to a single language. In different styles, her performances, already comprising a repertory of more than thirty pieces, all show attention to line, structure, and space. Tânia Carvalho frequently moves from the realm of choreography to that of musical composition. Her creations venture into shadowy areas, the vivification of paintings, expressionism, and the memory of cinema.

Thus the artist constructs her own mysterious cosmogony – a collection of codes that transcend the very art of movement – that is made manifest both in the linguistic and semantic care she takes in choosing the titles of her works and in her frequent exploration of territories beyond choreography, such as drawing. For over twenty years, Tânia Carvalho has followed her path in an ever more reflective and multidisciplinary vein.

Photo: © Ruj Palma