Set and Reset/Reset

Candoco Dance Company

Danseurs dans Set and Reset / Reset
2022年3月19日 - 21日 伦敦舞蹈艺术节
Trisha Brown
24 min

In 2022, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels is presenting Set and Reset/Reset, in collaboration with Tate Modern, as part of the first Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels Festival in London.

Candoco Dance Company presents Set and Reset / Reset, a reconstruction of Trisha Brown’s Set and Reset. The dancers move with dream-like fluidity within a kaleidoscopic form to Laurie Anderson’s driving score in their unique version of Trisha Brown’s choreography.

First created in 2011 with Abigail Yager, a former member of the Trisha Brown Dance Company, it uses Brown’s set of instructions to examine what Yager describes as: ‘the shifting nature of choreography in relation to underlying structures that anchor a dance to itself. The process of re-construction (as opposed to replication) is a negotiation between freedom and limit – an exploration of possibility as the dancers create a new version of Trisha Brown’s landmark choreography.’

Through this process, Set and Reset / Reset represents a significant example of an artist creating a living legacy for their work that allows for new creative input, an iteration of Brown’s choreographic brilliance, in conversation with the impulses and instincts of the dancers performing this work.


About the artist

Trisha Brown正在跳舞的黑白照片

Trisha Brown

Trisha Brown(1936-2017年)是美国后现代舞领域的重要人物,被视为二十世纪下半叶最富有创造力和最具影响力的舞蹈家兼舞蹈编导。1970年,她创办了自己的舞团,并在40年时间里与舞团一同探索现代舞的多种途径,尤其是即兴表演与实验舞蹈,超越身体局限,并探索非同寻常的都市与自然空间(屋顶、墙面、长廊……)。她曾创作100多部编舞及6部歌剧,同时也是一位视觉艺术家,坚持与创新艺术家展开合作,其中包括Robert Rauschenberg和Laurie Anderson。 

照片 : Trisha Brown © Johan Elbers