Alice Ripoll

Dancers from Zona Franca by Alice Ripoll in movement
Alice Ripoll
80 min

In 2023, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels is supporting the Festival d’Automne à Paris to present ZONA FRANCA by Alice Ripoll. 

ZONA FRANCA: the title evokes the vision of a world in which everything can be shared, in a completely open way. In this latest piece, which incorporates different popular dances and music in a free manner, Alice Ripoll and her performers enable us to see how a newly-resurrected Brazil can reinvent itself.

ZONA FRANCA was first performed at the end of Jair Bolsonaro’s period of government and the return of Lula as the head of Brazil, in a country scarred by tensions and social and economic inequalities. Starting from the base of what these changes have meant for individuals and society alike, Alice Ripoll uses these life experiences as the basis for choreographic research into modes of action and collective creation. Following on from Suave and Cria, in conjunction with the Suave company, and its encounter between urban dance and contemporary dance, ZONA FRANCA goes one step further in this hybridization process in its association between theatre and song, and blend of popular dances from the north and north-east of Brazil with afro dances and afro house. Onstage the ten performers move, sing, and handle coloured balloons, elements in a contemporary ritual which invites the audience to experience a wide range of emotions, between a vulnerability, deep-seated anger and great joy.

Text : © Yaël Kreplak

Photo: © Renato Mangolin

About the artist

Alice Ripoll肖像

Alice Ripoll

Alice Ripoll出生于里约热内卢。她原本学习心理学,随后转而研习舞蹈,这一领域满足了她对身体潜能和韵律的好奇心。在从Angel Vianna舞蹈学校(一家知名舞蹈兼运动康复中心)获得文凭后,她开启了自己的舞蹈编导职业生涯。她的作品将现代舞与巴西都市舞蹈相结合,致力于为舞者提供空间,展现其经历与内在回忆。Alice Ripoll目前领导REC和SUAVE两大舞团。她的作品曾入选众多巴西庆祝活动节目,如里约热内卢Festival Panorama、在德国汉堡康普纳格艺术中心(Kampnagel)举办的Internationales Sommerfestival,以及法国塞纳-圣但尼省(Seine-Saint-Denis)舞蹈编导交流节(Rencontres Chorégraphiques),以及布鲁塞尔Kunstenfestivaldesarts。 


摄影: Alice Ripoll © Renato Mangolin