Sur le fil

Nacera Belaza

Dancer on black background, arms backwards
Nacera Belaza
60 min

In 2023, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels is supporting the Festival d’Automne à Paris to present Sur le fil by Nacera Belaza

Sur le fil is an attempt to escape from oneself, via an infinite acceptation and a going beyond of the frontiers of the body. The choreographer Nacera Belaza preceeds her emblematic piece with a reduction, for children from the Bobigny neighbourhood and Paris. From adult to child, professional to amateur, what do we see in this gesture?

While she was a child, Nacera Belaza felt an undying need to dance alone, in secret. Since then, the choreographer has never taken her eyes off "the shorelines of childhood", adjusting the conditions of each dazzling gesture with infinite exigency, and radical generosity. In returning to the piece she created in 2016, she continues, via the detour it provides her with, to trace and hollow this same line, and to search for "the means by which we can escape from ourselves". The resulting dance does not show itself, it is a state. A state which takes us to the edges of our being, anchored in the body and the imaginary, and to which the uninhibited gaze of childhood, close to the invisible, still has access. The choreographer shares this extreme receptivity with a handful of very special performers, in this instance Dalila Belaza and Aurélie Berland. In a dark space outlined by light, we might see children at the origins of dance, turning and spiraling until others, older than them, take their place and the emptiness persists.

Text : © Mélanie Jouen

Photo: © Claudia Pajewski

About the artist

Nacera Belaza的肖像

Nacera Belaza

Nacera Belaza出生于阿尔及利亚,5岁起就在法国生活。在完成现代语言的学业之后,她在1989年创立了自己的公司。自2017年以来,她的公司始终保持着CERNI地位(具有国内和国际影响力的公司和团体)。二十多年来,这位自学成才的舞蹈编导已经参与了数十场演出。她的作品获得了文化部的认可和赞扬,更在2015年为她斩获了艺术与文学骑士勋章(Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters)。2008年,凭借作品《Le Cri》,她荣膺法国评论家联盟(Syndicat de la Critique)最佳新人奖。2017年,SACD为表彰她的职业生涯,授予她编舞奖。

照片:© Romain Tissot