Program Trisha Brown Dance Company / Noé Soulier

Published on FR 2023年6月27日

Dancers in Working Title by Trisha Brown

In a celebration of Trisha Brown’s rich body of work, her company presents two pieces which are a statement of the variety of questions and motifs explored through her dance. This creation by the choreographer Noé Soulier for the company’s performers prolongs this journey – bridging the gap between living archive and present gestures.

Since Trisha Brown passed away in 2017, her company, directed by Carolyn Lucas continues to bring alive and pass on her heritage via a wide-ranging repertory. From her early forays into the realms of American post-modern dance up to her large-scale works for the Opera, Trisha Brown redefined in a profound way the landscape of choreographic creation through her fluid approach to movement. In order to celebrate the links set up between the choreographer and France, the Trish Brown Dance Company presents two pieces which bear witness to this fertile relationship: For MG: The Movie, a piece tainted with melancholy, dedicated to the memory of Michel Guy, the Festival d’Automne’s founder; and Working Title, which draws upon unexpected, asymmetric motifs and confronts bodies subject to gravity with the figure of a weightless body. Noé Soulier’s commission echoes the radiance of this work today. For him, the ‘Brownian-movement’ outmanoeuvres the geometric paradigm of modern dance and necessitates a deep-seated decentring of physical points of reference. By entering into dialogue with the work of Trisha Brown, he seeks to experience the living archive in existence within the company’s performers but also to confront them with the impulse of his own choreographic principles.

On tour :
> Le Quai, Angers 16/11 - 17/11/2023

> La Coursive, La Rochelle 21/11/2023

> Maison de la Dance, Lyon 24/11 - 25/11/2023

> Opéra de Massy, Massy 28/11/2023

> La Filature, Mulhouse 01/12/2023

> Antipolis Théâtre d'Antibes, Antibes 05/12/2023

> Maison des Arts Créteil, Créteil 07/12 - 09/12/2023

> Théâtre du Beauvais, Beauvais 12/12/2023

> Théâtre Jean Arp de Clamart, Chatillon 16/12/2023

In 2023, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels is supporting the Trisha Brown Dance Company for the creation of this program comprised of one performance by Noé Soulier and two works of Trisha Brown.

Photo : © Sandy Korzekwa


About the artists

Noé Soulier肖像

Noé Soulier

2022年,Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels为编舞家Noé Soulier及其创作《First Memory》提供支持。

Trisha Brown正在跳舞的黑白照片

Trisha Brown

Trisha Brown(1936-2017年)是美国后现代舞领域的重要人物,被视为二十世纪下半叶最富有创造力和最具影响力的舞蹈家兼舞蹈编导。1970年,她创办了自己的舞团,并在40年时间里与舞团一同探索现代舞的多种途径,尤其是即兴表演与实验舞蹈,超越身体局限,并探索非同寻常的都市与自然空间(屋顶、墙面、长廊……)。她曾创作100多部编舞及6部歌剧,同时也是一位视觉艺术家,坚持与创新艺术家展开合作,其中包括Robert Rauschenberg和Laurie Anderson。 

照片 : Trisha Brown © Johan Elbers