Myriam Gourfink


Portrait Myriam Gourfink

A dancer and choreographer, Myriam Gourfink has been involved in kinetography research since 1996. Her dance style, grounded in yoga breathing techniques, relies on rigorous organization of supports and keen spatial awareness. Abstract yet sensitive, her work stands out for its slow pace and the participation of performers in decision-making within the dance score. A regular guest artist at various international theaters, Myriam Gourfink headed the Royaumont Foundation choreographic research and composition program from 2008 until 2013. She also co-authored the book Composer en danse, un vocabulaire des opérations et des pratiques, published in January 2020, alongside Julie Perrin and Yvane Chapuis. Since 1999, she has collaborated with composer Kasper T. Toeplitz.


Photo: Myriam Gourfink © Joséphine Derobe