Composing Dance with Chloé Moglia

a white audio cassette bearing the name of Chloé Moglia


The French artist Chloé Moglia knows how to defy gravity. At the helm of her company Rhizome since 2009, she trained in circus arts before developing her own work around the art of suspension, at the crossroads of martial arts, circus and dance. 

This summer, she will be on tour with several pieces in France, Switzerland and Germany. For CN D Magazine’s ongoing “Composing Dance” series, Moglia talks about her resistance to the notion of a fixed choreographic score and her desire to evade labels. She also shares her vision of intellectual property in the wake of the debate that arose in 2021, when Yoann Bourgeois was accused of plagiarizing the work of other circus artists.

Chloé Moglia - Rhizome