Program Brown x Soulier

Noé Soulier
Trisha Brown

Two performers off balance from In the Fall by Noé Soulier.
© Delphine Perrin
Noé Soulier, Trisha Brown
90 min

In 2024, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels is supporting the Trisha Brown Dance Company for the creation of a program presented at the Joyce Theatre, comprised of one performance by Noé Soulier and two works of Trisha Brown.

A pioneer of post-modern dance, Trisha Brown’s groundbreaking work forever changed the landscape of contemporary performance. Trisha Brown Dance Company continues to expand its creative vision with its second ever commission, a new work by French choreographer Noé Soulier, titled In the Fall. A Joyce premiere, this new commission will be presented alongside two of Brown’s iconic works, Glacial Decoy (1979) and Working Title (1985), characterized by her ability to push the limits of her dancers’ athleticism and stamina. Elevating abstract dance to theatrical proportions, Brown’s timeless works solidify her place as one of the most influential choreographers of her time. 

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Portrait of Noé Soulier

Noé Soulier

In 2024, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels supports Noé Soulier's latest creation Close Up.

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Black and white portrait of Trisha Brown dancing

Trisha Brown

Trisha Brown (1936-2017) is considered one of the most inventive and influential dancers and choreographers of the second half of the 20th century. She founded her dance company in 1970. In doing so, she embarked on a 40-year odyssey along the many paths of contemporary dance, marked by improvisation and experimentation, pushing back the limits of the body and appropriating unexpected urban and natural spaces (rooftops, walls, galleries, etc.). A creator of more than 100 choreographies and six operas, she was also a visual artist, collaborating over the years with innovative artists including Robert Rauschenberg and Laurie Anderson. 

Photo : Trisha Brown © Johan Elbers

Three Performers of In the Fall by Noé Soulier
01 / 03 — In the Fall by Noé Soulier © Delphine Perrin
Two dancers jumping
02 / 03 — Working Title by Trisha Brown © Delphine Perrin
Two dancers jumping in Glacial Decoy by Trisha Brown
03 / 03 — Glacial Decoy by Trisha Brown © Anne Nordmann