Dimitris Papaioannou

Danseurs de (LA)HORDE et du Ballet national de Marseille dans INK de Dimitris Papaioannou.
© Julian Mommert
2024年2月28日 - 2024年3月2日 Sadler's Wells
Dimitris Papaïoánnou
65 min

In 2024, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels is supporting ROHM Theatre Kyoto and Sadler’s Wells, for the presentation of INK by Dimitris Papaioannou.

In a post-apocalyptic nightmare setting, two bodies clash as the water rises. A two-way fight to the death, to love, Ink probes the dark side of desire and the impossible quest for self.

As after the flood, the scene, plunged in deep darkness, is bathed in water. Two bodies clash in a duet that becomes a duel. Are they father and son, two lovers or a man facing his doppelgänger? The tension rises and the danger becomes palpable: how far will the ambiguity of their game go, a game in which cruelty and tenderness continually intermingle? Originating in the first lockdown, Ink is perhaps Dimitris Papaioannou’s darkest and most introspective piece. After Transverse Orientation, which the people of Lyon watched during the last Biennale de la danse, the choreographer/visual artist dives once again into mythology at its most transient, yet contemporary. Returning to the stage for the first time in more than 10 years and alternating with another performer alongside dancer Šuka Horn, the Greek artist lives this new creation as a psycho-analytical nightmare: hoping, at the end of the experience, to find himself again.

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最新作『Transverse Orientation 』(2021)は、2021年6月2日にフランスのリヨンで開催されたリヨン・ダンス・ビエンナーレで初演され、2021年と2022年には30以上の都市を巡回。

写真:ディミトリス・パパイオアヌー © ユリアン・モメルト