Nina Santes


Portrait of Nina Santes

In 2021, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels is supporting the Opéra de Lyon Ballet to create Nina Santes’ La Venerina, a solo piece interpreted by Elsa Monguillot de Mirman as part of the Danser Encore project (2020-2023).

Nina Santes began her career as a puppeteer. She started performing as a dancer in 2008, working for choreographers such as Myriam Gourfink, Pascal Rambert and Herman Diephuis.

She is the author of choreographic and musical stage works, including Désastre, created in 2012 in collaboration with composer Kasper Toeplitz, the 2014 duet Transmorphonema, a co-creation with Daniel Linehan (Vif du Sujet SACD), Self made man in 2015 and Hymen Hymne in 2018. She was awarded the 2018 Prix SACD Nouveau Talent Chorégraphique. In 2020, she created République Zombie, a show for three performers, as well as CLOS, a sound and dance performance, for MIRfestival Athens. She has been associate artist at Atelier de Paris / CDCN since 2019. 

Her transdisciplinary approach connects movement with speech, singing, music and relationships to objects and matter. Performing within immersive environments, she explores the relationship between individuals and their surroundings, between time at work and periods of contemplation, between real-life experience and the compelling tide of fiction.


Photo : Nina Santes © Cali Dos Anjos