River to River 2024

Person with arms raised in the air, another playing cello.
© Cherylynn Tsushima
Jun 7th - 23rd, 2024 Festival River To River 2024

In 2024, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels is supporting the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council for the presentation of the 23rd annual River To River Festival.

This year’s River To River Festival aligns with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s 50th anniversary celebrations. In honor of this milestone, the 2024 festival features LMCC residency and grants alumni from the Extended Life program working across disciplines, with a captivating array of dance, music, video, installation, and exhibitions that reflects the interdisciplinary, diverse ethos of LMCC. 

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Under an ornate pavilion with trees off in the distance, two dancers in gray jumpsuits are caught turning with an arm extended to their side.
01 / 09 — © Rachel Keane Collaborations
NIC Kay’s bare and right arm extend gracefully over the right shoulder, with the right hand wide and facing towards the camera. They are clad in two layers of oversized denim jeans, exuding a sense of casual confidence.
02 / 09 — © June Canedo de Souza
A large group of people in a gymnasium surround the artist, dressed in a costume evoking bubbles and high-energy aerobics, who guides them in movement. The participants are bathed in a green-glowing light and photographed from above.
03 / 09 — © Ines Sebalj
jaamil, with an arm extended outwards, is visible in dark shadow against a backdrop of colorful light refractions.
04 / 09 — Courtesy of the Artist
A video projection onto a series of recessed brick walls illuminates a Black woman and children in a swimming pool amidst blue waves.
05 / 09 — © Kyle Knodell
Image of Kate and Kayla, both of whom are squatting looking at a computer. Overlaid on the left hand side is handwritten journal text.
06 / 09 — Original photo © Jonathan Hsu, edited by Kate Speer
 A blurry motion image capture of a pale orange figure in a black theater. The arms are outstretched. The image is reminiscent of flickering flames.
07 / 09 — © Maria Baranova
A silhouette in a beam of light.
08 / 09 — © Rachel Topham Photograph
Mayfield Brooks is bent to one side with their arms outstretched, balancing on one leg. They are washed in the glow of a blue spotlight.
09 / 09 — © Maria Baranova