Room With A View

Ballet national de Marseille

Dancers from Room with a view by (La)Horde with Ballet National de Marseille grouped together, fists in the air.
Oct 20th - 21st, 2023 New York
80 min
CCN - Ballet national de Marseille

In 2023, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels is presenting Room With A View by (LA)HORDE and Rone with Ballet national de Marseille, in collaboration with NYU Skirball as part of the Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels Festival in New York.

Created with the artist Rone in 2020 at Theatre du Chatelet (Paris, France), Room With A View is (LA)HORDE’s first choreographic piece with the Ballet national de Marseille, composed of twenty-five dancers of sixteen nationalities. In a marble quarry, various machines are in action, cutting and polishing the rock. In this otherworldly place and behind his machines, Rone sculpts sweeping electronic and emotional landscapes that he offers to a group of dancers. While sculptors worked with marble to “free the human form inside the block” (Michelangelo), the performers dance to escape the stones’ white immobility, rising up to scrutinize the infinitely human contours of impending disaster and envisaging the very possibility of its beauty. (LA)HORDE continues to explore forms of protest and rebellion through dance. Room with a View is a blank page, a space devised as a naturalist white cube in which sounds, bodies and images can be inscribed to reflect on the shifting place of humanity. For Rone, it provides the opportunity required for a new album, a unique performance in which the cries of his machines resonate, inviting us to breakaway and trace vanishing lines towards songs that exist far beyond mankind itself.

Photo: © Cyril Moreau

About the collective

Portrait of (LA)HORDE


In 2023, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels is supporting the collective (LA)HORDE for their new creation Age of Content with the Ballet national de Marseille, as well as its presentation at Biennale de la danse de Lyon and Théâtre de la Ville. The initiative is also presenting Room With A View and a specific program in collaboration with NYU Skirball in New York.

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Portrait of Rone


It took less than a decade for Rone to establish himself as one of the main artists of the French electronic scene. With four studio albums on the Parisian label InFiné and numerous collaborations (Alain Damasio, Étienne Daho, Jean-Michel Jarre, Michel Gondry, François Atlas, The National), Erwan Castex, aka Rone, has always sought to break out of his comfort zone by crossing the boundaries of electronic music.

In early 2017, his live at the Philharmonie de Paris made him win the Indés prize in the Live category. At the end of 2018, he offers a rereading of works by composer Benjamin Britten, accompanied on stage by the Maîtrise de Radio France. Rone then presents Motion, a 12-minute electro-classical piece, in collaboration with the orchestra Les Siècles, conducted by François-Xavier Roth.

2020 marks a new turning point in the artist’s career, beginning with Room With a View, a ten-day carte blanche creation at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris with (LA)HORDE and the Ballet national de Marseille.

After winning the César for best original music for Frédéric Farrucci’s La Nuit venue in March 2020, Rone won the Cannes Soundtrack award for Les Olympiades directed by Jacques Audiard.

Photo : © Cha Gonzales