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Ayane Nakagawa

2023年,Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels支持日本法蘭西學院於橫濱舞蹈藝術節2023演出《Nihondatedatte》,此作品由Ayane NAKAGAWA創作的《my choice,my body》和《Anchor》兩場表演組成。

《my choice,my body》由三名舞者運用滑步和能面面具(Noh mask)等日本舞蹈標誌性表現元素,對現代舞蹈進行重新解讀,並對日本人的身體形象展開探索。Ayane Nakagawa的這部作品是2021年12月橫濱舞蹈藝術節大賽(第1組別)的得獎作品。與《my choice, my body》同時上演的另一場表演則是Nakagawa團隊「Suichu-megane∞」於2017年橫濱舞蹈大賽(第2組別)表演的《Endangered Species》的最新演繹。此作品以「錨」(Anchor)為題,將地球視為物種的「繁殖場」,對生存的意義展開思考。 《Anchor》是一齣獨舞作品,從編舞、指導到表演均由Nakagawa自己完成。

à propos de l'artiste

Portrait of Ayane Nakagawa, chest shot

Ayane Nakagawa

A director, choreographer, and dancer, Ayane Nakagawa has a diverse background in classical dance, including ballet and Japanese traditional dance, as well as street dance. She majored in theater at the J. F. Oberlin University, where she founded the <Suichu-megane∞> dance company in 2011 and began presenting choreographed works. Her work has drawn attention for its exploration of the relationship between the individual and society, historical perspectives that have settled deep in the body, and fearless expression of taboos. She was selected as a finalist in the 2017 YDC Competition II and the 2018 Competition I. In December 2021, she performed “my choice, my body,” which earned her both the Jury Prize and the Prize of the French Embassy in Japan – Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels, for young choreographers at the Competition I. Ayane Nakagawa is highly regarded for her choreography and direction which encompass a diverse array of dance and theatrical perspectives. 

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