Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith

United States

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Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith have collaborated somatically since 2006 to create feminist statements that strive to break down heteropatriarchal racism and sexism through abstract dances that denounce the hypersexualization of the white ciswoman and speak out through her. Their non-hierarchical methodology processes content by filtering information between them; feelings are recognized and recreated physically through energetic transference and psychoanalytically through communication and mirroring. Practices of reciprocal recognition combat shame, reverse the subordinating impact of rape, and work in conjunction with comrade feminist scholars and artists to disarm neoliberal capitalism’s upholding of the race and gender binary system. Their seven collaborations premiered in New York City where they are committed to building sustainability for artists and directly serving marginalized families through lactation work, reproductive justice, and somatic improvisation workshops.