François Chaignaud
Aymeric Hainaux

Two men in motion on a tiny square stage, holding sticks with bells.
© Martin Argyroglo
Feb 29th - Mar 2nd, 2024 Pavillon ADC
François Chaignaud, Aymeric Hainaux
60 min

In 2024, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels is supporting the Pavillon ADC for the presentation of Mirlitons by François Chaignaud and Aymeric Hainaux.

Is it a concert, a battle, a ritual, a pastoral? The origins of Mirlitons lie in the encounter between two heterogeneous performative universes: that of François Chaignaud, dancer, singer and performer who for many years has used his voice as a vehicle for sensory and spiritual states. And that of Aymeric Hainaux, multiple artist, beatboxer and musician, who mixes ritornellos, beats, feedback and screams. Each influenced by the other's work, they came together with the desire to test their respective limits, to delve into the murky zones of song and rhythm, to invent their own musical and physical writing. Using the stage as a playground with fluctuating rules, they use their vocal chords, their feet and their arms to develop a physical score. On the lookout, in friction, in contact, listening, their duo is like a mirliton (musical instrument, headdress, Louis d'or or pastry): polysemic, sonorous, elusive.

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Portrait of François Chaignaud

François Chaignaud

In 2024, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels is supporting the presentation of Mirlitons, after supporting choreographer François Chaignaud in the 2021 creation of t u m u l u s, in collaboration with composer Geoffroy Jourdain.

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Portrait of Aymeric Hainaux

Aymeric Hainaux

Initially from a visual arts background, Aymeric Hainaux is now committed to a highly personal approach to human beatbox. He creates machine sounds as precise as the famous Roland TR909, and his unparalleled technique makes him one of the leading artists in this art. He "plays what happens", and his performances are music of the present moment, attentive to silence and gesture. No loop pedals, just a microphone, a few bells, a harmonica and sometimes a cassette player, a live creation only. The diversity of his projects has led him to perform in restaurant back rooms and art venues alike. He is also developing a body of poetic writing and publishing work.

Photo : © Philippe Lamotte