Partner of

Kyoto Experiment 2024


In 2024, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels presents in collaboration with Kyoto Experiment performing arts Festival 2024, a selection of six shows.

Kyoto Experiment is a performing arts festival held in Kyoto since 2010. Dedicated to producing and presenting experimental performing arts; it aims to explore and create new dialogues and values in society. This year marks Kyoto Experiment’s 15th anniversary. The event consists of three programs: “Shows,” a lineup of experimental performing arts from around the world; “Kansai Studies,” a program that explores the Kansai region, where the festival is rooted, from an artist’s perspective and aims to cultivate a foundation for future creation; and “Super Knowledge for the Future [SKF],” a series of talks and workshops that explore the relationships between experimental performing arts and a wide variety of topics beyond the world of art.