duet / duet

Heather Kravas

Two dancers stretching in front of a window with a view of  the New York landscape
Heather Kravas

In 2022, Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels is supporting the River To River Festival for the presentation of duet / duet by Heather Kravas.

duet/duet is a dance that takes place in a field in the sunshine next to another dance that occurs inside a room, overlooking a river at sunset. It is a dance created between performers opal ingle, Joey Kipp and Jennifer Kjos, in partnership with choreographer Heather Kravas. One dance contemplates a shape formed between two people so that we might also consider the distance between them. The other reflects a line as two people travel and change together. With no adherence to expectations, the performance is a vessel to experience the specific temporality of dusk.

Photo : © Heather Kravas

About the artist

an outside headshot of Heather Kravas

Heather Kravas

Heather Kravas grew up in Pullman, Washington, homeland of the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) Tribe and Palus people, where she studied ballet and the experimental theories of Grotowski. Since 1995, Kravas has investigated choreographic, improvisation and collaborative practices in contemporary dance to explore the limits of choreography and her artistic abilities. Punk, feminist, precise and extreme, her work is continually built, wrecked and reconstructed to activate curiosity and examine relationships between art, power, agency and desire. Kravas has received support from numerous organizations such as The Guggenheim Foundation and her choreography has been presented at venues including American Realness, Fusebox Festival and Performance Space New York as well as internationally in Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Russia and Slovenia.

Photo : © Heather Kravas